By Naval Ravikant

This podcast is hosted by Naval Ravikant, a serial entrepreneur, investor and co-founder of AngelList. My favorite is his series on wealth creation, where he talks about how to build sustainable wealth and shares timeless principles that have helped him become wealthy. There are so many gems that I guarantee you will need several sittings to take them all in.

Naval is absolutely brilliant and I thoroughly enjoy his way of thinking. Be ready for an entire mindset shift. You’ll definitely need a pen and paper for this one.

By Jim Kwik

The Kwik Brain podcast is hosted by Jim Kwik, a leading brain and memory trainer. He shares short but useful tips on how to improve learning, memory, reading and other cognitive abilities.

I personally gobble up anything that has to do with improving cognitive functions and especially understanding how to maximize our brain power. You should check this out if this is you as well.

By Melina Palmer

This is a really good listen if you’re interested in behavioral economics, whether as a business owner, or just someone interested in understanding consumer behavior. 

While a lot of the content relates to the business context, including case studies of real companies, it also features a number of episodes on personal psychology and how you can understand and influence your own behaviors better.