Business School application series: Interview like a star

If you have gotten to the interview stage, congratulations! You put together a great application. Now it is time to convince the Admissions Committee that you are just as great in person as you are on paper. Apply these five tips to come out on top:

1.         Do your research

I googled tons of sample interview questions and watched dozens of mock interviews on YouTube. I practiced answering every question I came across with stories from my own life. Be prepared to answer the standard “Why MBA? Why this school? What are your post-MBA plans? What will you contribute to the class?” very convincingly. You will find tons of material online on how to answer those.

2.         Know your story inside out

I cannot stress this enough. What you say in your interview should not contradict what you already have on your written application. Instead, you should be proving that your decision to go to Business School is a very well thought out one and that your motivations as stated on your application are authentic and logical. Questions can come from any part of your application, even the most seemingly insignificant details. Go through your resume/CV and written application and internalize everything so that you are able to answer any questions from there.

3.         Practice makes perfect

Practice with a friend, or record yourself, if you cannot find a partner. It is important to hear how you sound, see how you look and watch your body language when speaking. It will also help you get comfortable answering questions and take note of your weak points to work on. I was able to partake in a few mock interviews and they helped to build my confidence.

4.         Do not cram and recite answers

As much as it is great to practice with sample questions, you want to sound and look as natural as possible during your interview. Have a few anecdotes/stories you can share but do not write a script for your answers. You need to be flexible as well because you will definitely get asked questions you did not come across during your practice.

5.         Make sure you have questions for the interviewer

And make sure they are not questions you can answer with a google search or a visit to their website. Also, you should prepare different questions depending on the type of interviewer you have. Ideally, the questions an Admissions Committee member can answer would be different from what an alumnus can answer, so prepare accordingly.

The interview is your opportunity to seal the deal and get that admission letter. Prepare thoroughly, but do not cram and recite a script. Be calm, confident and authentic.

If you have questions, drop a comment below or shoot me an email at and I will try my best to provide guidance or point you to appropriate resources.

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